Earth Is Second Planet in 2072


Book I: Destination Corvus, as originally published, stated clearly that Earth was the second of eight remaining planets of the Sol solar system. 

At that time, Mercury was supposed to be destroyed during a weapons test in a prequel book and I was deluged with many emails concerning the issue. A physicist friend was consulted, and he confirmed that losing Mercury would likely result in some sort of gravity shift and would possibly destabilize the orbits of one or more planets.

With his words in mind, Book I: Destination Corvus has been updated to say that Earth is the third planet…   Mercury has been spared and there is a rewrite going on with the two novels involved with its previous destruction.

If you purchase the Kindle eBook of Book I: Destination Corvus and would like it replaced with the updated version, delete it from your reader and download it again. The new version will automatically replace the old.

If you purchase the paperback of Book I: Destination Corvus at retail, and would like it replaced with the updated version, contact me at and be sure you have your originals of each item listed: purchase receipt, page 9 of the book, front cover, and back cover as proof of purchase. There will be no replacements without these proofs of purchase.