Destination Corvus

Earth’s population has grown to over 15 billion people who are straining her limited resources past their usefulness. Two factions with opposing views stand in the way of a combined solution. The American League of States has built a mammoth starship to travel to a distant planet called Corvus, to mine and send back raw materials. The Eurasian Parliament wants their plans to fail.

David Borland is commissioned by the ship’s Captain to take control of the situation and stop the sabotage hampering the voyage, while Rebecca Marshall is a young Lieutenant that just happens to find him attractive. 

Saboteurs wreck havoc with the ship and tension soars as equipment and systems are damaged. Things then turn ugly with unexplained deaths and no clues as to who did it, or why. 

The untimely death of a key assistant brings to light a whole new development in the attacks against the ship and its crew. There is plenty of doubt about whether the ship will ever reach Corvus…

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