Alternate Worlds Series

The AlternateWorlds Series

A third series, though some are still a part of the Corvia Galactica Universe (CGU), is the AlternateWorlds Series. These novels are either loosely related to CGU, some not at all related, but none of them are an integral part of CGU.

They could really be separate series altogether, and indeed, some clearly are.

The Mystic Series

This series focuses on a planet that has been untouched by outsiders for untold numbers of years. They have their own way of doing things, many similar to the ways of Old Earth, some – not so similar.

Here we visit with Dragons, Elves, Ogres and typical human-like beings.  Slavery, Massacres, Magic, Mystical Powers and other areas are covered within the novels of this series. Punishments within the  series can be quite severe and life-changing….