About Gerry Crandal

From the Author

I have been reading Science Fiction since I was in sixth grade. Being raised on ‘Star Trek’, ‘The Twilight Zone’ and then ‘Star Wars’ gave me a bug to write my own ‘out-of-this-world adventures which I never addressed until my mid-forties.

With the apocalyptic birth of the Genesis Starship in my mind, a whole universe leapt to life for me and I put pen to paper and began writing. Manuscript after manuscript was written and suddenly, I had this stack of paper over three feet tall! Well, I had to do something to move forward so the first was edited several times and was published as a Kindle eBook.

That was over two years ago, and now I have come back and revisited the book, correcting quite a few glaring mistakes and streamlining a few passages that even I had to read an extra time. With four more rewrites and months of editing, it is finally published.

Enjoy these first two books, the third manuscript in the Corvia Galactica Series is being edited and is only a couple of months from publishing so be ready…


The Planetary Series

A second series, though still a part of the Corvia Galactica Universe (CGU), is the Planetary Series. These novels bring a more in-depth look into some of the species and planets that are an integral part of the CG Universe.


The Annals of Arias

The first species looked into will be the Sunarians, native to the Planetary system of Sunar.

These people are a feline people that live in a society where females are dominant and the males are the brawn and quite subservient to the females. That is not to say that the females are weak, they are quite capable of taking out males quite a bit larger than themselves when put into that position, however the females typically leave the fighting to the males.

Sunarians are a simple people, primitive by Earth standards since they hunt as any feline would. Leadership is determined by eliminating the leaders of the pack in challenges, winner take all. This too, is similar to felines on earth, Panthers especially.

They are a pack-based culture and as such, their customs, traditions, and instincts follow those similar to Earth-based pack animals like Lions where the dominant, Alpha Male is completely responsible for the growth of his pride by mating any and all female pride members. This point is extremely important to remember as you read what it is like to live in a pack society where human values and customs do not apply.

The first Novel in the two-novel Arias Series is Available now in both paperback and Kindle versions, and the second one is in the Proof stage and should be ready in a few days… I really enjoyed writing these, though they might be a little too intense and graphic in the violent fighting for some readers. It is definitely a 12th grade or college level, adult novel… (In my opinion…)